A show about LGBT issues from an LGBT Mormon perspective

Episode 9

Kathy and Peter discuss their shenanigans and interview the wonderful Robin Linkhart of the Community of Christ.

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Let's-a Go My Yoshi
Performed by Kathy Carlston
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We're delighted to bring you a recording of this past Sunday's Affirmation FHE (click here for future meeting details)

The subject of the meeting was Finding our Spiritual Footing Amidst All the Commotion. This meeting was co-facilitated by Randall Thacker and Berta Marquez, and was a veritable spiritual feast.  Enjoy!
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VERY excited to bring you a recording of a meeting led by Randall Thacker at the end of Parley's Street in Nauvoo, overlooking the Mississippi River. It was a windy day, and the recording shows it, but it's SO worth the listen.  Enjoy!

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This episode features what we were able to record from two other meetings. One took place in the Hall of the 70's, which is owned by the LDS church.

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This episode features a recorded meeting from the 2014 Nauvoo leadership retreat. We were graciously allowed to meet in the Red Brick Store, owned by the Community of Christ. This meeting featured talks by Berta Marquez, Samy Galvez, and Carol Lynn Pearson.  Enjoy!

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Episode 4

Edit: Updated link for the I'll Walk With You, the project Kathy was talking about: http://ldswalkwithyou.org
Pete and Kathy talk to the Montgomery family about their lives and the acclaimed documentary, Families Are Forever. JGW shares his experiences at the Affirmacion Mexico Conference. 

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Episode 3

Kathy and Peter chat about the latest news, the Superbowl and anticlimactic nefarious plans.

Peter provides a Reality Check segment challenging the notion that homosexuality is somehow "unnatural."

Kathy has a chat with Bill and Sherri Park about Sit With Me Sunday and a myriad of other things.


Peter and Kathy discuss some challenges that many face with attending church.

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"That Lonesome Road"
The One Voice Choir
Directed by Bryan Horn
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Episode 2

Peter and Kathy discuss the holidays and the latest news

Kathy shares some thoughts about the Book of Esther

The good folks of Safe & Sound discuss their program to help the LGBT homeless youth of Utah


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Soul Sisters Maddie & Zee
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Episode 1 Part 2

Daniel Parkinson lists Social Media resources for the LGBT Mormon

Kathy & Peter discuss art exhibits, Dungeons & Dragons, and general awesomeness. 

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"Tiny Lower Case"
Composed by Amy Denio
Performed by the Tiptons Sax Quartet, from their CD 'Tiny Lower Case'
© Spoot Music, ASCAP
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Episode 1 Part 1

Welcome to our pilot episode! Enjoy our news bleat and announcements of Affirmation events. Make sure to listen to Episode 1 Part 2 as well!

Equality Utah is looking for stories of people who have been affected by workplace and housing discrimination in Provo, or fear such discrimination by December 3rd. Please send to the Provo Municipal Counsel and Equality Utah with this link:
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